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Valspar's Villa Grey 6005-1B, 1 of the 12 "2023 Color of the Years" is a clean, balanced color that evokes an air of calm and simplicity, this is a great one for a bedroom or living room. Soften the room with woven elements and natural fibers to create an interesting contrast when paired with darker accents.

2023 Color of the Year Villa Grey 6005-1B

Work More With This Shade

Add this pale gray green shade deeper into your home or office decorating project. Everything from throw pillows for your sofas and beds to shower curtains and window treatments for your privacy. 

Product Note: The shade on the products listed below is based on the hexadecimal color value of the paint shade. Color variations between on-site previews, paint sheens and printed fabrics may occur on products with multiple fabric types.

Additional 2023 Colors of the Year Valspar

Everglade Deck 5011-3
Southern Road 1006-9C
Holmes Cream 3004-10B
Rising Tide 4008-3A
Green Trellis 5006-3C
Desert Carnation 2005-7C
Flora 5004-2C
Blue Arrow 5001-3C
Gentle Violet 4002-3A
Cozy White 3008-10C
Ivory Brown 6006-1C

Photo Credit: Images Above Courtesy of Valspar

Suggested Accent Shades on Home Décor

Check out these lovely solid color home décor items that match this COTY's suggested accent shades. 

Muted Mid-tone Green Solid Color Pairs to Valspar Green Garlands 5007-3C Throw Pillow Soft Gray Green Solid Color Pairs to Valspar Ocean Froth 8003-34C Blackout Curtain Cool Off White Solid Color Pairs to Valspar Snowed In 6004-1A Table Runner

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